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Paul Cano-Lopez Lesson with Wolfgang Weiser

25 Jan 2017 8:58 AM | Anonymous

As a second term trainee seeing a different teacher is always a mix of excitement and trepidation. In my opinion teachers tell us things, sometimes the knowledge goes in and at times it washes over you but when the mind is ready to rece

At ATE we receive training from many experienced teachers and today I met Wolfgang and learnt how to walk!!!

My take on ‘Primary Control’ is trying to reboot the computer so we can start from neutral thus clearing out all existing data. 

Under Wolfgang’s direction after my attempt at Primary Control “Where is your weight” he inquired? Somewhat confused I didn’t know what to say, he then said “Your weight is in your thighs!!!

A bean-bag on each shoulder as a stimulus; Wolfgang stated “Think through your heels and relax your jaw. Soften the chest and think about your weight through to your heels then back up to the crown of your head like a piece of elastic” This I had heard before but put more thought into my feet and felt grounded and lengthened whilst arms were suspended from my shoulders.

Feeling balanced I asked Wolfgang about the spine lengthening whist walking. I explained I understood forward and up and let the neck be free and shoulders to widen and as a swimmer I could lengthen the back in the pool but could not see the direction whilst walking that would lengthen the spine.

I was then lifted from behind onto my toes whist being suspended off balance forward to the point of falling. I was told “This is your first step and as you place your foot think bounce/spring forward and up with the length of elastic running though you to the crown of your head giving you spring towards the ceiling” With my neck free and head forward and up I could feel my spine lengthening as in the pool with the thought going through my feet then up to the space above my head. Whilst up on my toes it clicked in my mind that if I think up at the moment as my heel leaves the ground I could feel the spine lengthen. This bounce thought from the ground gave me an upward lift on each step. I could lengthen my spine on each step!!!

At times I believe we need different input to gain understanding and the ‘physical lifting’ actually gave me the direction. Different teachers have their own methods and a combination of these have helped me gain an understanding.

Thanks to all my teachers and fellow students at ATE I was ready to have that light-bulb moment with Wolfgang. I now work on myself whist walking every day.

Paul Cano-Lopez Student at ECAT      16th November 2016

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