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Rediscover your Natural Balance - Whatever your Age

When you were a child moving easily was natural.  As you get older, tension and stress becomes a part of everyday life. Maybe you have tried various treatments and therapies which have helped in the short term but the issues still returned. 


What if you could learn to regain the easy movement you had as a child?

The Alexander Technique is not a treatment like Chiropractic or Osteopathy, a relaxation technique, or a set of exercises such as Pilates.  So what is it?


The Alexander Technique is a gentle yet powerful method of changing the habits that cause excessive stress and strain on muscles and joints. It gives the mind and body a chance to work together more freely and restores the natural balance, often providing relief from stress and tension, leading to better mental health and physical relaxation. 

The natural way you moved as a child is still in you and the Alexander Technique, used in everyday life, helps to bring that movement back whatever the cause of your pain or stress.


Using the Alexander Technique can help to alleviate the habits which cause a range of conditions from backache to sciatica, lower back pain, RSI, stress, tension, to name a few.

It takes no special skill or aptitude to get back to a better way of moving. It is a simple re-education technique - mindfulness for everyday living.

 More about the Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique Education UK is a co-operative organisation whose aim is to stay true to the original source of Alexander Technique in both principles and practice. We are a professional body supporting Alexander Technique teacher members as well as providing the public with information about The Alexander Technique. For more about membership, click here.


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“Since I have had Alexander Technique lessons, I can stand without pain for much longer! As a back pain sufferer, it has really helped me.”

M Phillips


“It’s such a relief not to hold on to my posture anymore, I feel so much lighter and balanced”

L Sherwood



Back Pain Trial

A major medical study published in 2008 by the British Medical Journal, found that lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain, and are cost effective. Little P, Lewith G, Webley F,et al. “Randomised controlled trial of Alexander Technique lessons, exercise and massage (ATEAM) for  chronic and recurrent back pain” BMJ. 19;337:a884, 2008.

Click here for information on the full study.


RSI Trial

“Effects of the Alexander Technique on muscle activation during a computer mouse task.” the conclusion of this trial that Alexander Technique training may protect against RSI Elyse Shafarman, M.A. & Mark W. Geisler, Ph.D. Psychophysiology Laboratory Department of Psychology San Francisco State University. The Alexander Journal. 21: 53063, 2005


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