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Becoming a Member

ATE UK offer a no-frills membership aimed at independent-minded Alexander Technique teachers.

ATE UK is a not for profit co-operative organisation where every member counts. Members have their say in how their organisation is run. For the day-to-day running of ATE UK there is a small group of volunteer teachers who meet monthly, with two full membership meetings a year. This means you can choose how involved you want to be.

Our ethos is to encourage teachers to continue the work as practiced by F.M. Alexander and set out in his writings.

CPD happens on a daily basis whenever you are working on yourself or with others.  We believe that there are few benefits to teachers being forced to submit statutory hours of CPD work, recording log books of attendance, etc. Alexander Teachers who are open to working with colleagues, attending or giving workshops, writing and reading books and articles voluntarily, are the ones who have personal growth and inspire their pupils. Ours is a self-regulating profession!

We do however offer a variety of workshops to inspire teachers, along with opportunities for work exchange.    

We aim to support our teachers and provide a network of teachers that are able to represent our organisation across the country.

What does membership to ATE UK give you:-

  • A directory listing on ATE UK site to allow the public to find a teacher
  • Teacher network (Work exchange and the opportunity to share ideas)
  • Optional insurance coverage
  • Occasional organised events
  • Being part of a cooperative to continue to take F.M. Alexander’s work forward in today’s world



Annual Teacher Member  £85

PLEASE NOTE: We have arranged a members rate professional insurance, available to our teachers. If you opt for this, the forms will be sent out with your membership information. Members then arrange it directly with the insurer.    Our Insurers do not require our members to have a Disclosure and Barring Service Check. Members requiring a DBS check can apply for this independently of ATE UK.


Membership Requirements

Proof of qualification from a 3-year, 1600-hour training course (letter from head of training or copy of a certificate)


How to Join

Joining is easy. If you are an Alexander Technique teacher and wish to join ATE UK please contact ATE UK on 01245 608268 or email


ATE Articles of Association

To read more about the ethos of ATE UK, please click on our Articles of Association below.

ATE UK Articles of Association





Company name change, by general meeting special resolution June 7, 2013, from UKATE LIMITED to ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE EDUCATION LTD

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