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Anne Battye “Working On Yourself” Workshop

05 Dec 2016 2:27 PM | Anonymous

A number of students and teachers at EACAT wanted to attend Anne Batty’s “Working On Yourself” workshop in London in June but were unable to so imagine our delight when Anne agreed to come to our Chelmsford school to give the workshop here.

Being in my final term of the AT teacher training course this workshop felt particularly pertinent. Soon I’ll be working largely on my own and awareness of my own use will be essential.

On arrival, after brief introductions, Anne wasted no time in discussing the importance she places on working on herself as being a key feature of her working day. Closely studying her reflection each morning is the start to this work as soon as she wakes. With 50 years of Alexander Technique teaching experience the workshop was full of gems of interpretation of Alexanders findings. She explained that her work was continually evolving throughout her career and this being what keeps it so interesting. I loved her down to earth approach, an example of which is her dislike of the term semi supine or constructive rest as too pompous. ‘Lying down work’ being her preferred term. We spent the morning experimenting with chair work, table work and everyone was keen to see how Anne worked with people on the floor.  I think Anne’s approach to wall work will be invaluable for me.

We all felt we’d been put through our paces by the end of the workshop and had much to take away with us. Anne’s energy and vitality was as impressive as her work. She was disappointed we wanted to stop for coffee as she didn't want to waste time! 

Kathy Ponter Student at EACAT

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